About Us

What’s Behind BitQL?

There’s a passionate team of traders and web developers behind BitQL’s development. We always believed in more efficient trading, especially when it came to cryptocurrencies. Many people believe trading is impossible for beginners today, but we’re here to prove them wrong.

BitQL entails a powerful platform that provides you with several tools you can choose to create a good trading strategy. If you’re currently struggling with making smarter trades or find it hard to concentrate on your current trading platform, BitQL can be the solution you need.

In most cases, being able to see the bigger picture helps you look at things from another perspective. Trading tends to cause strong emotions that cloud your judgment; considering that, we developed BitQL in a way that you didn’t have to go through these emotions while preparing your next strategy.

However, BitQL is just the vehicle you’re going to use to improve your trading skills; it still needs someone to manage it properly. As long as you work hard to improve your trading over time, BitQL can be your greatest ally.

What Was Our Goal?

Not all development teams have the same goals for their trading platforms. Some want to make their brand more popular; some want people to expand their financial portfolio through their platform, etc. In our case, we created BitQL with the primary goal of making your trading life simpler.

This doesn’t mean that BitQL has any remarkable feature that makes your trading automatic and accurate. There’s no platform or entity that can help you predict market behavior accurately since crypto trading is too volatile. Instead, we’re providing you with an easy-to-understand platform that any trader can use regardless of their current skill level.

The Future of BitQL

After developing BitQL for months and testing it thoroughly, many people asked “What’s Next?” We want to keep improving the experience even more each time, so we’re going to continue working on BitQL as more changes come for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general.

As with Bitcoin, our future is uncertain. We never know how trading apps are going to evolve for the better. All we know is that we want to offer a good trading experience to all our traders, and that involves fixing bugs, improving the platform’s efficiency, and keeping everything clean and smooth.